Content Creator vs Influencer: Breaking Down Differences and Stigmas

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I recently saw a feed on Twitter where a ton of bloggers were discussing that they hate being labeled an “influencer.” Many mentioned that they preferred being called a blogger or a content creator. I want to break down the differences of each label. Also, I want to talk about the stigma surrounding the word influencer.

Influencer and content creator are not synonymous. However, there can be a major overlap. Content creators, while they may not be at social events and celebrated the same way as many influencers are, are extremely talented and often underrated. Content creators are the writers, photographers, creative directors, and videographers who know how to create high quality content that gets people reading and engaging.

Influencers tend to be more in the limelight, because they are the “famous” vloggers, bloggers, comedians, speakers, and product reviewers of the many social platforms. They are more like mini celebrities, who may not have the same caliber of content creation abilities. They are able to captivate an audience and develop a following though.


On the Twitter feed that I saw, so many said the label influencer was cringe-worthy. I completely understand where they are coming from in wanting to be known for the incredible content they create rather than the influence they leave. Also, I understand that being known as an influencer today comes with a ton of negative assumptions and associations. However, I actually don’t mind being called an influencer in the right context. It’s not my favorite label, but I wouldn’t yell at someone for calling me that either.

Sure, there are many influencers that make me cringe, because they promote a false sense of perfection. There are also some that promote things I definitely do not agree with. It bums me out that the word has become tarnished because of the negative influencers who’ve managed to overrun social media. Although, the root of the label, influence, is something I think we all should consider before allowing the word to suck up the negativity of others.

My goal with my books and this blog is to continually inspire others to love themselves. I strive to be inclusive and help others build confidence. I want to inspire self-love and influence others to discover their worth and self-love as well. That is the type of content creator and blogger that I am and want to continue to be.

Too often do I see influencers, including bloggers and content creators, scamming others and perpetuating a life of false luxury. I could care less about the labels of clothes or where the perfectly placed coffee cups in their hands come from. I want to feel inspired and influenced to become my best self, but more times than not, that’s not the case.

Differences and Similarities

There are clear differences and similarities when it comes to the labels of content creator and influencer. Still, many try to distance themselves from being called an influencer. I understand that many influencers on places like Instagram lead obnoxious lives and tend to participate in more controversy than inspiration.

I’m constantly seeing influencers promoting diet teas, glorification of living a “luxury” life, and caring more about popularity than positivity. However, I believe it’s time we take back the word and stop loathing it as a label. There are so many movements going on, and I think that we should take back this word and entire idea of who we should “look up to.”

I don’t want to scroll and attempt to find inspiration in over edited images of people trying to scam money from me while they are decorated in high-end labels. Honestly, none of that makes you a “boss” like so many identify themselves as. I don’t need someone to market popularity. Personally, I want to hear success stories of how hard people worked. I want to clap for those who’ve earned it, and call those individuals influencers without cringing from other negative associations.

Who Cares?

I used to see these debates and think who in the hell even cares? Now, I realize there are a lot of reasons to care. Our brands, as creators and bloggers, are dependent on labels and what we can offer others.

Content creators offer professional-quality creations. Creativity and being able to curate images, posts, and videos with engagement is a big reason that content creators are sought out by brands. Influencers bring audience and trusted followers, which brands also seek out.

Honestly, I am okay with being labeled both, because I’m not going to let words and labels shake how I see myself. But I do want to feel pride in the words rather than frustration. I want to create content that resonates with my audience. Also, I want to have a following who trusts me and feels inspired by my creations and my words. This is probably why I don’t cringe quite as much as others at the word influencer, because I’m doing my best to not allow the bad eggs to influence my perception on the label or what it can offer others.

The Takeaway

Rise above the negative associations. Step out of your comfort zone of certain labels. Be an influence. Stand by the content you create. Most importantly, do what you love and bring passion to what you create regardless of what your labels are.

Everyone will have preferences on how they market themselves and their brand. Some prefer to be behind the scenes of what they do, allowing their content to be the voice and face of their brand. Others will put themselves in the forefront of their brand and creations. You have to find what works for you and what makes you happy regardless of negative associations. Be who you want to be, and be passionate about it. That’s how real success blooms.

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