How to Fall In Love with Yourself for Valentine’s Day

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Self-love is the best love, and it should come first. Yes, Valentine’s Day has become extremely consumer driven. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t fall in love yourself. Rather than search though gift guides and this and that, start with self-love and make your Valentine’s Day special for yourself.

Regardless of if you’re in a relationship or not, it’s time to celebrate yourself. What better time of year to start your self-love journey than with the day of love? So many people get caught up in New Year’s goals where they want to change themselves, but maybe we should be focusing on how to love ourselves just as we are.

How to Fall in Love with Yourself

I’m not saying completely skip celebrating the love you and your partner share, but make sure you’re showing yourself some love this year on Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a small gesture or something major, find a few ways to shake up your love day by making yourself matter just as much as the next person.

1. Start the day doing everything that brings you joy.

Wake up and relax. Take a bath. Pamper yourself, and make yourself feel appreciated. Don’t rush around to get this and that for someone else. Take the time to focus on you. If you’re not a morning person, sleep in. Just start your day with some positivity.

2. Wear what makes you feel fierce.

Throw on something that makes your eyes light up. Wear something that will make you feel fierce, so you’ll want to continue to show yourself some love. Be comfortable but also enjoy what you are going to wear for the day. Never underestimate the power of a good outfit and the right accessories.

3. Date yourself.

Take yourself to your favorite coffee place. Grab yourself a box of your favorite candy. Date yourself, and treat yourself the way you would a partner- even if you already have a partner. Wine and dine yourself this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a simple lunch and coffee date or cozy take-out in your house, enjoy your own company a bit.

4. Do something you’ve been wanting to do but don’t have the time.

Take yourself to somewhere you’ve been wanting to go, or do something you haven’t had the time for. When we give in to our passions, the joy can do so much for us. Do what makes you happy. Spend the day at a museum or take yourself on a day trip. Take a day to fill your wants and desires, so do what’s going to make you incredibly happy.

5. Have sex- even if it’s with yourself.

Have sex. Get your blood pumping. Even if it’s some sexy time with yourself, let that big “OH” brighten up your love day. Orgasms are good for your physical and mental health, so don’t hold back.

6. Take a day to rest.

If going out and going on adventures sounds exhausting instead of exciting, take a day to rest. Grab some pj’s, your favorite foods, and have the day be about some quality down time. Rest is good for the soul, and if you need it, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to give back to yourself.

7. Throw yourself a party.

I know this is the opposite of rest, but throw yourself a party if you don’t want to have a lazy day. Grab some cute decorations, a sparkly outfit, fill your kitchen with yummy food, and call some people that will make you smile. Celebrate yourself with the one’s you love, and show them how to celebrate themselves too.

8. Treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t.

I’m not a big fan of the conventional consumer driven Valentine’s Day, but there are still things I’d like to have. As a mom, I try to spend my extra money on my kids, so getting something like an outfit I’ve been eying would definitely be the topper to my love day. Treat yourself to something to you normally wouldn’t, and show yourself that you deserve a little extra too.

More Ideas for a Self-Love Valentine’s Day

I could probably go on and on with ways to love yourself this Valentine’s Day. Rather than share general ideas, I want to share some specific ones. Here’s a list of ideas that can take your self-love Valentine’s Day to next level. It’s time to fall in love with yourself this year, and these ideas could help.

  • Have a coffee and lunch date with yourself, best friends, or partner.
  • Take yourself to an adult store, and get yourself a new toy or something to feel sexy in.
  • Do a full spa day with nails, hair, and whatever will make you feel like a pampered goddess.
  • Go on a hike or scenic drive, and get yourself out the house and on a mini adventure.
  • Throw a self-love themed party, and when everyone shows up, have them write down what they love about themselves and make it into a banner.
  • Buy yourself a beautiful outfit or lingerie that will make you feel amazing.
  • Get yourself a Valentine’s Day card and write all of things you like about yourself in it. Save it as a reminder of why you deserve self-love!
  • Have a cozy day in with movies, snacks, and soft pj’s. Take it easy if all you ever do is go big on love day.
  • Take the day off and go on a day trip to a nearby city. Experience a new place that you’ve always wanted to go to.
  • Get dolled up and take yourself to a fancy dinner. Be the best damn date you’ve ever had.

A Self-Love Valentine’s Day

Remember that a day of self-love and celebration doesn’t have to mean lonely. I already know a few people who think these ideas could be fun, but they don’t like doing this stuff alone. That’s part of the point though. Do something outside of your comfort zone.

Push yourself to celebrate all of your wants, desires, and passions. Show yourself that you deserve love, and that includes self-love. Sure, you can make it a Galentine’s Day with your besties. You can even drag along your partner, but make sure you are celebrating you and how wonderful you are too.

The love and connection we have with ourselves in important in those other relationships too. I’m a giver, and sometimes, I just give too much of myself. Around Valentine’s Day, I want to celebrate the one’s I love, but I also want to show myself that I like me too.

I hope you choose to do what makes you happy this love day, because you’re worthy of self-love.

-With Love,


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  1. Great tips, thanks you !
    I specially likes no.5, ahaha I wasn’t really expecting that one ๐Ÿ˜…

    Can’t agree more to the trip to an adult shop!! Many people are afraid of going.. but having worked at one, my most favorite part of the job was to help the customer pick a toy that fit even BEYOND their need and expectation. Getting to see the look on their face light up and feel so much better with themselves after sharing my knowledge was just so gratifying.

  2. I love this! So many single people dread Valentine’s Day. But as you’ve shown us, we should always be our own greatest Valentine. This day isn’t just for couples, it’s for singles too!

    1. Yes! The day of love doesnโ€™t have to be relationship love. It can be about self-love! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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