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As a member of MomsMeet, I was gifted with the products featured in this post. All opinions are honest and my own. This post may contain promotional codes and affiliate links.

The use of CBD is not only something I completely support, but I also have a decent amount of experience with a range of brands. CBD is a compound that’s found within hemp, and it interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system- or ECS.

Within all of that fancy scientific jargon of the body, what you should know is there is a series of recepters in the endocannabinoid system. The receptors regulate pain, mood, the immune system, memory, appetite, stress, and more. While many jump to say CBD is a “cure” for many ailments, there’s a bigger picture than broad words like cure.

First, CBD doesn’t work the same way for each person. However, it does interact with our ECS, and that can play a major role in managing pain, sleep, inflammation, anxiety, nausea, and a ton of other things. So, I’m here to discuss a brand of CBD that I have fallen in love with recently- Social CBD.

Social CBD

Rather than giving list upon list of why I use CBD like I have in the past, I want to share how it, specifically Social CBD, has been making me feel lately. With the new year in full swing, I’m busier than ever. I’m no stranger to exhaustion as a busy, work-at-home mom.

Moms Meet sent me some incredible Social CBD samples that include, 4 bottles of Social CBD Broad Spectrum Drops in Unflavored, Pomegranate Tea, Meyer Lemon, and Vanilla Mint, Recovery and Rest Gel Capsules, Foot Renewal Cream, and Muscle Rub. As someone who has tried a lot of CBD brands, I have to admit that I’ve never tried a brand with such good flavoring with pure ingredients.

The Meyer Lemon drops are hands down my absolute favorite CBD I have ever tried to date. I’m a sucker for lemon, and the taste was almost as lovely as how these samples made me feel. Honestly, I’ve found myself to be more relaxed but still very productive. It’s quite the coupling, and I’m definitely not complaining.

But Wait, There’s More

Every sample that I tried did not disappoint on how it made me feel. The flavors made taking the drops so incredibly easy too. With so many brands trying to push CBD as a Mr. Fix It to all of our ailments, it’s refreshing to see a brand stand behind how important it is to consider how something makes you feel overall.

I feel energized but calm at the same time. Waking up everyday after continued use of the drops, I’ve noticed I feel less groggy in the mornings. This brand is certainly pure and powerful, and I love their honesty even more.

There is extensive testing with Social CBD. From seed to final product, there is monitoring that is so crucial to creating pure products that aren’t riddled with heavy metals and pesticides. If I’m putting something in my body, I want it to benefit my wellbeing, and I know that is what I’m getting from these products. That makes me a happy momma!

My Experiences

I adored every flavor of drop that I tried. The mint and lemon were my favorites, but I wasn’t disappointed in any of them. As a busy welder who’s always achy and tired after a long day, my husband noticed he didn’t feel pained or as tired as usual when he takes the drops and uses the muscle rub before work. The foot cream is my father’s new favorite product as well.

My entire family was able to find something from Social CBD that made us feel great and satisfied. I’ve tried other brands where all of the boxes weren’t checked in how the products made me feel, but I noticed I didn’t find any of my boxes unchecked this go around. We are moving forward, happy, relaxed, and able to get our work done without begging for the end of the day.

Every day, I wake up, use my drops, grab my water and coffee, and seize the day. My husband uses the drops and the muscle rub the same way. The recovery capsules help boost our moods if we had a particularly long night. In the evenings, we settle into our bedtime self-care routines, and now we’ve added the rest capsules as well. Adding CBD to your morning or nighttime routines make for a great form of self-care, so it’s something I’ll continue to recommend.


Social CBD is a brand that I have been recommending to everyone who uses CBD in their everyday lives and routines. The quality just honestly makes me happy. I feel wonderful. My family feels wonderful, and we are able to tackle the day without lag and stress. What more could you ask for?

If you want to give Social CBD a try, head over to their website and see their wide range of products that won’t disappoint. Use promo code MOMSMEET25 to save 25% on all Social products on their website too. Offer ends August 31,2020.

Let’s chat about CBD! Do you incorporate CBD into your everyday life and routine? If so, how has it made you feel?

-With Love,


14 thoughts on “Let’s Talk CBD with Social CBD”

  1. My fiance has been deeply affected by concussion syndrome, Schizophioaffective bipolar and PTSD from playing professional football. He was recommended CBD oil and really enjoys the benefits. He just started a trial knee study that uses CBD to treat OA (osteoarthritis) he will be getting 2 injections weekly for the next weeks. Hopefully it will alleviate the tremendous pain he lives with daily.
    I hadn’t heard of Social CBD and I appreciate your review as well as your recommendations of it. Thank you my friend, very informative postπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    1. I’m so sorry to hear all of that. My sister-in-law and an aunt have severe arthritis, and it helps them tremendously. I’ve tried a lot of brands, and so far, Social CBD and Medterra are my favorites. It really helps my eye pain as well was recommended by my retinal specialist.

      1. Good to know. A main focus for my writing is to help me process the stuff I witness with my partner. We are trying to slow down the progession of his conditions because there are no cures. If we can make his pain bearable than he is happy. He is for sure my hero, I can’t imagine what he really feels all the time. Thankfully CBD is helping so many people living with chronic pain πŸ™

      2. He sounds magnificent. I’m sending love and support!!! Thank you so much for sharing about him and everything.

      3. It’s my pleasure my friend. We are all in this thing together and if I can help even one person feel not so alone, inspired or given the chance to push through than that is a good day indeed for me. I really enjoy your blog here Jenni. I look forward to your posts and your opinions on stuffπŸ˜‰πŸ‘

      4. Yes!!! That makes me smile, because helping others is something I love as well. Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate your support!

      5. You got it my fellow Mom who writes, I am all about women supporting each other! We rise together my friend πŸ˜πŸ™Œβ€

  2. CBD has bee such a great thing for me. It helps me get to sleep, stay to sleep, and get actual good sleep at that. It also helps with my anxiety, even though I’m already on a lot of anti-anxiety meds, this helps supplement what they do and totally helps out during panic attacks.

    XO Steph


  3. I use CBD as well, and I will have to check this brand out. I don’t use it daily, but mostly when anxiety starts acting up, or I need to get to sleep. Thanks for the great info!

    1. Thanks for reading! Using daily has so many benefits for anxiety, and I’ve noticed a big difference in how I feel, especially with this brand.

  4. What a great review! I haven’t tried this brand, but I also am a sucker for anything lemon! Thanks so much for sharing sweets! <3

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