Coffee Talks: It’s My Birthday, Darling!

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Happy birthday to me! This won’t be a super lengthy post, since I’m taking the day off for once. I want to celebrate myself this year, instead of thinking about work. As much as I love blogging, this momma needs a day off.

I’m actually pretty happy to be another year older. Birthdays are always a time where I’m reflective. You can also read some lessons that I’ve learned this year here. For my 29th birthday, it’ll most likely be pretty low key, and I’m alright with that. It just means I’ll go big for 30 next year.

The Ultimate Gift

I’ve been asked a few times what I’d like for my birthday this year, and I don’t know if I necessarily have a list of things I want. Sure, something big like winning the lottery would be badass, but let’s be real here. Honestly, I think the ultimate gift would be having more people buy my book.

Eat the Damn Muffin isn’t just an additional income for my family. It’s a tool that pulled me out of a dark place and showed me that I deserve to love and celebrate myself. I’ve had so many people tell me that it’s helped them too. So, I want to keep helping others build their confidence with this book.

Supporting indie authors is something I’ve always loved to do, and the support is also something I greatly appreciate. If you want to learn how to be unapologetically yourself, cut out negativity, and grow your body confidence, check out Eat the Damn Muffin. You won’t regret it- I promise.

Well, here’s to 29.

-With Love,


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