7 Ultimate Blogging Rules for Success in 2020

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When I first started blogging, I swore I’d be a different kind of blogger that shares blogging tips. I didn’t want to be robotic and share continual step by steps. I wanted to lead with passion and share my experiences, and that included being upfront with my fumbles. Through this journey, I’ve learned a lot and am constantly learning more.

This year has already taught me so much even though we are only a few months in. So, I want to share the best blogging rules for 2020. What does that even mean? It means, these are the concepts that you should keep in mind when you want to have your blog thrive and succeed.

Best Blogging Rules for Success

Do you want to be a full-time blogger? If this is your chosen career path, you have a few things to keep in mind. Blogging is more than typing and hitting publish.

It’s a world that I’m grateful to be apart of, and it’s my dream job. Loving what I do doesn’t change the fact that it is work, a lot of work. So, there are some rules that you have to keep in mind if you want your blog to be successful.

1. You have to lead with passion.

This phrase is all over Housewife Hustle. I genuinely stand by these words, because they are the number one blogging rule that I have had since the start. If you don’t lead with your passion, your desire will fizzle. If you don’t like what you blog about, it will affect so many aspects of what you create.

Your quality can suffer if you don’t enjoy what you’re discussing and sharing. You site can be aesthetically appealing, but if you don’t have passion behind your words and intentions, you’re readers will be affected. An audience wants to feel your passion. They want to know that you’re doing this for more than just to make a dollar.

Your readers will trust you more if you lead with passion. Companies will want to work with you more if you love what you do. That joy shines through. It’s so attractive in every sense when you lead with passion.

2. Confidence takes your passion even further.

When you write with confidence, again, you’re sending the best message. It tells your readers that you know what you’re doing. It helps your site to be more reputable, and it takes your passion even further.

I don’t want to read advice from someone who is constantly doubting themselves or their message. I want to feel reassured just like any other reader. You have to have confidence to build and keep your audience’s trust.

Plus, having confidence helps with creating high-quality content. Confidence will take your blog to the next level, because confidence brews success. It’s about having that positive mindset that every step, whether forward or backward, is a lesson. So step with confidence.

3. You get back what you put in.

I’m super cheap. I have a house full and am on a budget, so I do try to blog without spending tons of money on every single plugin, theme, or e-book. However, I do spend money when it is needed. You get back what you put in. Spending money on the right resources can really help your success.

Think of your blog as an investment. If you have the confidence, then invest in yourself, because you can go the distance. I’m not saying throw money at everything. Spend money to get a domain. Invest in premium plugins or a scheduler like Tailwind if it can benefit your blog.

Create a blogging budget, and go from there. Where you need the extra push is a good place to add those resources. You can look for free resources and make a list with what you’re willing to spend on and not spend on.

Also, this goes for time as well. Put in the time and effort, because that is everything with blogging. Your hard work shines through and is noticed. Investing time in making your blog the best it can be is so incredibly important and valuable. Work on SEO optimization, high-quality content, and promotion. Put in the work and time and get back success.

4. Be yourself, first and foremost.

Just because you see others who seem to be the complete definition of “blogger goals,” be true to yourself. Being authentic is another aspect that appeals to your readers.

An audience doesn’t want to see a ton of bloggers who are all the same. They want that uniqueness that you can offer. Brands also like when you have something special to bring to the table. So, celebrate yourself and let your authenticity be visible in your blog.

I’ve seen so many bloggers who sort of piggy back off of each other, and I just hit unfollow. You have to be yourself, because I promise, you are good enough just as you are. Play up your strengths, and remember that it’s okay to also share your faults. That is what makes you human, and readers want to be able to relate to you.

5. Never stop learning and growing.

I know a lot about certain topics, but that’s because I’m continually in the pursuit for more knowledge. Just because I can help you become a successful blogger doesn’t mean I know everything about blogging. Things like blogging are always changing. We grow, and so does the information around us.

You have to be willing to continue to grow and learn in your field to succeed. Be humble, and admit you aren’t the keeper of everything fucking thing. Be proud of your knowledge, but always be willing to learn more.

This is also why I share my mistakes and what I’ve learned with my readers. I want them to know that I am continually in the pursuit of knowledge so I can be the best blogger I can be. I want to learn and grow while also helping others at the same time.

6. Consistency is your friend.

Consistency seemed more like a frenemy when I first started blogging. I was going through a lot personally, and I had to step back more than I would have liked. However, I’ve learned how to be more consistent. I’ve also learned that consistency doesn’t have to burn you out or affect your mental health.

Create a schedule that works for you and your blog. Be consistent with how you share and what you share. This will really help your audience. It also helps with traffic and pretty much all the other aspects of your blog that you want to grow. Consistency should always be one of your top blogging rules, because it really can help in so many ways.

7. Be involved in the blogging community.

This is a rule that not every blogger follows but should. If you’re going to promote your blog, you should also be involved in the community. It helps with engagement. Supporting others is also just a nice thing to do, so don’t be a dick.

When you engage in the community, you can get a lot out it. You can learn from each other. You can grow together. Don’t think of others as your competition, because there is only one you.

Some of my best friends are fellow bloggers, small business owners, and fellow authors that I’ve met in this community. Having that community has helped me so much when I needed it. Learn, create connections, and be apart of a community, because it will help you succeed.

Success Looks Different for Everyone

My version of success might not like yours and that’s okay. Success looks different for everyone. Maybe success is defined by the income your blog brings. Perhaps success means you’ve reached a certain number of followers. It’s okay to have your own version of success in the blogging world, because that’s apart of being uniquely you.

To me, success is knowing I can help someone. Every time I get a comment that says, “you’ve really helped me,” I have succeeded. My goal as a blogger and author isn’t necessarily to make big bucks. I want to help bloggers find their voice, and I want to help women see their worth and beauty.

I’m a multi-niche blogger and self-help author, because there are so many areas where I want to help others be the best version of themselves. Helping others love what they do and love themselves is my kind of success. So, find yours.

What does success look like for you? What blogging rules do you think are important? Let’s chat!

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  1. These are great tips! I feel that I hear your voice is always so clear and consistent. I appreciate you and your blog!

  2. Thank you for all your tips. They’re genuine and thoughtful. Some of them really got me thinking!
    You’ve got a beautiful blog, keep up the great work!

      1. You’re welcome! I am alaways excited to stumble upon great content. It’s surprisingly difficult to find it!

      2. I’m working on getting a newsletter too, so I hope that can help people know when I have new content. I work really help to be helpful and go beyond basics. I think sharing experiences can really help.

    1. That’s makes me happy, and it’s not weird! I love ya too, and I am so happy we connected! Following you is a delight. 😊

  3. I live by number 4. I’ve been saying this from day one because it’s so easy to just fall into the whole “blogger personality”. Being yourself is so so important!

      1. Jenni, but when you are blogging so nice then it should be consistent,Already you have told in your blog.Stay safe.You are from which country.

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