International Women’s Day and How to Celebrate

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The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is Each for Equal. It means that an equal world is an enabled world, and each one of us has the choice to help make the world more equal. If you don’t know, International Women’s Day happens every year on March 8. March is also seen as women’s month.

International Women’s Day is a worldwide event. It celebrates the achievements of women and also calls for gender equality. This year’s #eachforequal theme is all about how, as individuals, we can challenge stereotypes, fight prejudice, and celebrate women’s achievements. I’m here for it, so how about you?

The image shows the author of Housewife Hustle with arms forming an equals sign for International Women's Day. She is wearing a black shirt, and there is a dark blue background.

How Can You Celebrate International Women’s Day

Sure, I don’t have a massive following or the resources to plan a giant event to celebrate International Women’s Day. However, that doesn’t mean I, or anyone, can’t find their own ways to celebrate. We are women, and we are strong, smart, and savvy.

Being apart of a march or organizing a women’s event would be incredible, but sometimes, it’s just not doable. That doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to celebrate women and female empowerment. Each is equal is about all of the choices that we can make to build women up and overcome the obstacles that we face. So, let’s talk about how you can celebrate in ways that are extremely possible.

1. Support female owned businesses.

Do you have a friend or know a woman who has her own business? Support her. Recently, I was able to design a mug with the new Housewife Hustle logo, and I went to a remarkable woman that I’ve connected with through the blogosphere. I’ve even featured her business, Mom Life Mugs, on here as well.

When you support female owned businesses, you’re doing so much more than just buying something. Your support is valuable, and every little step helps build those women’s dreams and accomplishments. Support female owned businesses. It’s a no brainer.

2. Celebrate the women you admire and spread kindness.

Tell the women you admire what they mean to you. Spread kindness to other women. Compliment someone, say some nice words, and spread love to your fellow females.

Treat a woman you appreciate to a lunch date. Give her a nice card and flowers. Tell these women how they have inspired you and impacted your life.

3. Honor your own accomplishments as a woman.

This year, I’m going to celebrate and honor my biggest accomplishment of this past year. I wrote and published my first book. Even better, it’s a book that’s meant to help inspire women to love themselves just as they are.

Eat the Damn Muffin will continue to be something I celebrate on International Women’s Day, because there were so many strong women who inspired me to love myself and write the book. Celebrating ourselves is so important. Don’t count yourself out, because you matter too.

4. Invest and believe in yourself.

We all have dreams, so why not invest in those dreams? What better way to celebrate women than invest and believe in yourself. With Housewife Hustle and blogging full time, there’s a lot of extras that I tend to be wary of purchasing.

I’m a mom on a budget. At the same time, there are add-ons that I want for my blog. I believe in my message and in Housewife Hustle, so there’s a few investments I’m going to consider. What better time than for the month of women and International Women’s Day?

5. Set new goals.

Sure, we all tend to have goals and resolutions for the new year, but try making some new goals. Push yourself in the best ways possible. Challenge yourself to some personal growth and set goals that will help you along the way.

A goal I’m setting is to finally set up a self-love group for women. Stay tuned for that, by the way. I want to help women fall in love with who they are and their bodies, because all bodies are beautiful.

Celebrate Being a Woman

However you choose to spend International Women’s Day, celebrate your womanhood. Be proud of who you are and stand for equality. Those small positive changes and accomplishments add up, so don’t count them out.

How are you spending International Women’s Day?

-With Love,


9 thoughts on “International Women’s Day and How to Celebrate”

    1. Yes!!! It makes my day, and it’s even better when they come together to support each other!!

  1. Happy International Women’s Day Beauty! You especially deserve to be celebrated n this day. You are such a champion for women and people in general and such a bad ass boss babe! I am so lucky to have met you through this platform and you inspire me with every post! Thank you for being you! Sending you so much love! <3

    1. Awe!! That actually made me tear up. I’m so lucky to have met you through here. Your support and spirit are things I value and appreciate so much. As women, we are strong individually, but together we can change the world!! 😘😘

  2. Celebrating by trying to get out a blog about it! LOL! My website has been having it’s problems and kicking my butt. Happy Woman’s day from one lady blogger to another! xo

    1. I’m sorry it’s having problems. That’s always frustrating. Send good vibes and support! Happy Women’s Day!

  3. The self-love group is a great idea, as I pursue the things I like, I realize how important positive reinforcement is to keep going especially on the days when life is tough.

    Happy Women’s day

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