How to Feel Confident When the Pressure for a Bikini Body Hits

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So, do you want to know how to get the perfect bikini body? Put on a damn bikini. Mission accomplished. Seriously though, I completely understand the pressure that hits when spring flowers start to bloom and diet-culture starts asking if you’re bikini ready.

With the body positive, body acceptance, and fat positive movements in full swing on social media, there’s more women celebrating their bodies just as they are. You should be too, but I understand that’s easier said than done. Fat phobia and body shaming have become second nature when it’s shoved down our throats our entire lives and then topped off with sprinkles of diet shakes and bathroom inducing weight loss pills.

It’s time to rise above the negative body image that plagues so many of us and only gets worse as the weather gets nicer. It’s also time to stop hiding your body, because it needs to see some sun too. So, let’s get to it, and pull out that inner confident goddess.

How to Feel Confident in a Bikini- Or Any Swimwear

You don’t have to wear a bikini, but you should be able to take away these tips to feel confident in any swimwear. You deserve to splash around and swim in something that isn’t a baggy old shirt- yes, I used to do that too. It’s time to enjoy the heat and show just as much skin as the next person.

1. Find a suit you love, and go for it.

Again, you don’t have to wear a bikini. Try on a ton of different styles, prints, and colors. Find a suit that you love, and go for it. I hate seeing tips that say “find a suit for your body type.” Um, that’s a no from me. All swimsuits are for your body type, babe.

Even if you get a suit but are still nervous about it, wear it around your house. Drink your coffee in it. Get used to being more exposed if you tend to hide your body in bikini weather. It does take some time to get used to, but I promise if you think the suit is beautiful, it’ll be even more beautiful on you.

2. Ditch diet culture.

I can’t say this one enough. If you need more help with telling pesky diet culture to fuck off, check out my book, Eat the Damn Muffin. Diet culture looms and preys on our insecurities. Don’t let it in, and don’t let it win.

When we let diet culture win, we are distracting ourselves with negativity. Diet culture associates weight with beauty, and that’s like saying sardines and peanut butter go together. That’s also a big no from me.

Your weight, beauty, and worth are not related. They aren’t even distant cousins. Separate them, and you’ll be able to move past the idea that thin is the only way to be beautiful in a bikini. Shrinking yourself isn’t the key to happiness, or the only way to wear a bikini.

3. Compliment yourself.

Even if it’s a challenge, start complimenting yourself regularly. This can be your bikini prepping. Instead of starving, restricting, and over abusing exercise to get “bikini ready.” Let’s get your mental health ready, and start by saying nice things about your body.

Talk to yourself and treat your body the way you would a friend. Make it a goal to say something nice about your body every time you look in a mirror. Write down these compliments and stick them to your mirror or where your clothes are as reminders that you’re beautiful just as you are.

4. Find some gratitude.

Your body is your first home. It has gotten you this far in life, so show it some gratitude. Appreciate the life your body has given you and the places it’s carried you. Write down what you appreciate and are grateful for about your body. It helps, I promise.

Gratitude helps us look at things from a new perspective. It creates a sense of comfort, because appreciation brings out so much positivity and joy. Gratitude should be apart of your everyday life, and that includes your self-love routine.

5. Change your perspective.

Time and time again, I will continue to say that you should relabel your flaws if you want a better body image. Change how you see yourself, and stop focusing on what you think is wrong. Nothing is wrong with you except that you let yourself shame your body.

I’ve always wanted to wear one of those plunging neckline one pieces, because they are so sexy. However, I have large breasts that have been through 2 babies and a ton of body changes. I thought they weren’t perky enough or this or that.

You know what? My boobs are awesome. They fed my babies, and they are incredible. Why? Because all boobs are magical. See, perspective change? Stop looking for the bad, and look for the good. It’s there, but you’ve been programmed to only see the negative. Reprogram yourself, and you’ll be happier.

6. Accessorize and celebrate your personal style.

I feel naked in just a bikini, and while I adore being naked at home, I don’t want to be naked in a pool. Hygiene, darling. To feel more comfortable, I need some jewelry or shoes. Momma loves her shoes.

Finding the right add-ons can really help you shine. Also, if you have a cover up that helps you ease into the idea of a bikini, that’s okay too. Start with making yourself comfortable, but still work on stepping outside of your body comfort zone at the same time. You can compromise if it helps you see that your body is already a bikini body.

7. Surround yourself with good vibes and positive people.

I won’t go to the pool or beach with certain people I know or am related too, because they bring negative energy. You don’t need someone to point out your insecurities while you’re trying to overcome them. So, surround yourself with good vibes and positive people.

Forget “Bikini Ready”

There’s no body that’s more deserving to wear a bikini than another. It’s time to get the idea that you have to detox or try this diet or that diet to become bikini ready. All bodies are bikini bodies, so to be ready for one, just put one on.

Swimming, laying on the sand with a book, and having fun in the sun with friends and family are all worth it. So, so are you and your body. Don’t miss out on living your life, because of some bullshit myth that you’re body needs to look a certain way to be “bikini ready.”

You’re Beautiful, darling!

You’re beautiful, but that doesn’t matter. Your appearance is the least important aspect about how incredible you are. Your soul is beautiful too, and that’s what you should nourish. Celebrate yourself by allowing yourself to wear what you want.

You can also join my self-love and body confidence group, BodyPosi Magic. Let me be your self-love genie and help you discover that you’re beautiful just the way you are. In this group, we will discuss body image, sex positivity, nakedness, diet-culture, eating disorders, and so much more. It’s a growing community of goddesses, so I hope you come and celebrate yourself.

-With Love,


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  1. Yes, I love this! There really is so much pressure to be “bikini ready.” The message to love yourself just as you are, needs to be louder than the message that says you’re not enough. Thank you for always sharing the right message!

  2. Ahhhh…I needed to read this!!! Your message of self-love is awesome. I love, love, love it.

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