Coffee Talks: When There’s Not A Lot to Say

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Somedays, I like to listen. I’m honestly someone who talks and talks, because I’m a wee bit extra and always have an opinion. What can I say? I’m passionate about a lot of stuff. Today, I’m still passionate. However, I don’t have a lot to say.

Sure, I could share ideas for bloggers, but I’ve done that. I’ve even shared blog post ideas for all niches when you have writer’s block. This isn’t writer’s block though. Today, I just want to listen.

What’s New with You?

I want to know what’s new with you. Do you have any life updates you want to share? Is there a rant and ramble you need to get off your chest? I’d love to have just genuine conversation today.

For me, there’s a few new things going on but nothing to turn into a full blown post. I’m getting the iPhone 11, so I have more mobility options since my vision is decreasing. Housewife Hustle now has an email list that I’d love for you all to join, and I started a new body and self-love group. A separate post is coming for that though. My new glasses also came in, but that’s all that’s new with me

Honestly, I would just rather you tell me about your latest accomplishments, goals, or frustrations. Get it all out. I’m here to listen.

I’d would really enjoy if you also made suggestions for any posts you’d like me to create. I always have a ton of ideas saved in my drafts. However, I want to make sure I’m not just listening to my readers, but that I’m giving them what they want too. I hope your day is magical just like you. Let’s chat!

-With Love,


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