BodyPosi Magic: A Self-love Group Dedicated to Women

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I have been talking about starting a group for women that is dedicated to self-love, body empowerment, and sex for awhile now. Well, it’s finally live. BodyPosi Magic is a inclusive group meant for all women. It’s a community where we can discuss topics that will help us grow our self-love, confidence, and body image.

I’m here to act as you self-love genie. This has been a passion project that I’ve been looking forward to, so I hope you join and find your happy. The group is growing quickly, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The Purpose of BodyPosi Magic

This group isn’t a place where I’m going to just share my body and sex related posts. Although I will share relevant posts like How to be Sex Positive, and How to Feel Confident in a Bikini. When the discussions are similar to posts that I’ve done, I will share some tips and resources.

This group is a space where women can come together and share their struggles and personal self-love journeys. Ultimately, I want the women of the group to be able to relate to each other but also share their differing experiences. It’s about learning from each other and growing as a community.

For too long, women have been judging their bodies and the bodies of other women, and I’m here to change that. It’s time we lift each other up and help each other thrive. We are women. We are sisters, so this group is meant to support positive body image and grow everyone’s confidence.

No Body Shaming

There will be no body shaming allowed. Whether it’s shaming skinny women or plus-size women, it will not be tolerated. This group is a positive space, and bullying and body shaming are not welcome.

Also, there will be zero discussion of how to lose weight. I am not anti-fitness, because I believe movement is important. However, I also believe in HAES (health as every size), and I do not support the idea that you can see if someone is healthy or not based on weight. So, I don’t allow weight loss discussions. They can be toxic and triggering.

What to Expect

There will be conversations about body image, sex positivity, confidence, and so much more. I will divulge into diet-culture and eating disorders, but again, I won’t allow anyone to share tips on how to lose weight. Experiences with fluctuating weight, eating disorders, and diet-culture are allowed and will happen though.

The world is so weight loss obsessed, and I want to help women step away from that obsession. The main purpose of BodyPosi Magic is to help women see that shrinking yourself isn’t the key to happiness. There’s a bigger picture that involves acceptance and embracing your body with gratitude.

Join Today

I hope you join the group and find your self-love. Also, if you just want to hang out with some amazing women and talk about confidence, sex, and positive change, you’re welcome too. This group is for women who want to love themselves and celebrate other women as well.

Join BodyPosi Magic, and let me be your self-love genie.

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  1. I absolutely love this idea! You are such a light in this world, especially right now! Than you for spreading the love! <3

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