Get Eat the Damn Muffin Free and Learn to Love Yourself During this Time of Crisis

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With the weight of the world feeling like it’s getting heavier and heavier, I want to do a giveaway of my book. I want to spread kindness during this crisis. What better way to spread kindness than to start teaching people how to be kind to themselves. Eat the Damn Muffin will be free in eBook format from Thursday, March 19, 2020 to Monday, March 23, 2020. It will be free until midnight of Monday.

Again, I wanted to make it free for multiple reasons. First, we all should be learning to love ourselves, and that can be challenging in times of crisis. Also, with stores, activities, and group event closing all around us, reading is a great way to keep yourself busy and positive. So, I wanted to give back during this time of need by offering Eat the Damn Muffin for free in it’s eBook format.

Get Your Copy Now

You can get your copy by heading over to Amazon, or you can head over to the Eat the Damn Muffin page on Housewife Hustle. On that page, you can learn how this body and self-love book can help you.

Let Eat the Damn Muffin teach you how to find your happy and live out loud. Body image issues are something that plagues so many of us, so why not take back your confidence and give it an incredible boost. This book is bigger than a body positive tool, because it can do wonders for many areas of your life.

The book cover of the body image book, Eat the Damn Muffin, has the author, Jenni Dunlap, holding a tray of muffins while only wearing an apron surrounded by trees and grass. Pink highlighting lines are seen across her eyes, under the title, and under the author name.

More than a Body Book

Sure, this is a book that is geared towards building your body image and confidence. But it’s also so much more than that. This is the ultimate body book, and by that, I mean it has more than a few tips and affirmations.

Eat the Damn Muffin teaches you why and how you should ditch diet culture. It helps you rid your life of negative forces. It also tackles taboo subjects like sex, self-pleasure, and nakedness. This book will help you step outside of your comfort zone and grow every aspect of your confidence- not just with your body.

Take the Journey

The journey to self-love is never easy, but this book is the partner you need to help get you there. Also, with the crisis going on in the world, this book will add some much needed positivity. I hope you take the journey, because it was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself.

Also, I’d love for reviews once you read your free copy of the eBook edition. Amazon and Goodreads have reviews that are starting to flow in, so add yours too. I hope you’re ready, because I can’t wait to share this book with even more people.

Eat the Damn Muffin is a journey in and of itself, so take that journey. We all have to start somewhere with self-love, so why not start here and today?

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    1. Loved this post! So funny, relatable, and what the world needs to read right now. Thanks for the shout out!!

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