Monday’s Love to Hate: Makeup

Lately, I have been getting more interested in makeup. I’ve worn makeup since I was 15, but a lot has changed since white shimmer eyeshadow and roll on lip gloss […]

Mondays Love to Hate: Potty Training

The Faces of Potty Training I’ve posted about potty training in the past.  My son turned 3 this past summer, and potty training is still an ongoing process.  There isn’t […]

Dear 15 Year Old Me Tag

  Thanks you Everyday Magic with Jubilee and Mom Life with Chiari for creating this tag.  Check out their blogs for tons of inspiration and genuinely great blogs.  Also, thank you to […]

Sunshine Blogger Award

First, I want to thank Junell at Miss Adventures in Adulting for the nomination. Her blog is wonderful and hilarious. I genuinely enjoy reading about her family and their adventures. […]

Mondays Love to Hate: Trends

When it comes to trends, there is more to that concept than fashion and beauty. I’m always hearing about what’s going on and is popular right now from my oldest […]

Versatile Blogger Award

First, I want to thank Messy Mama for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Messy Mama writes about her new journey with motherhood.  She’s charismatic and humorous.  Her posts are […]

Mom Days

Ever have an entire day completely planned out and have absolutely nothing line up? That has been our Wednesday. No one in our house got more than 4 hours of […]

Mondays Love to Hate: Family Gatherings

With Holidays creeping around the corner, my nerves are building. Having toddlers to tote around on the holidays sends my stress level through the roof. It’s not that my kids […]

Monday Love to Hate: Chores

So my posting isn’t very routine. I post at least twice a week, but I don’t do it on specific days. Sometimes, I have a quote of the day if […]

Toddler Talk: Growing Pains

When I was little, I remember waking up with really bad leg pain and cramps. I would cry until they would go away, but I was still left with achey […]

Fever Seizures in Toddlers

When my son was 7 months old, he had RSV. It was his first major illness, and it was terrifying. We caught it early, so he was able to get […]

Bold Lips for Blah Days

I am by no means a makeup artist or guru. I own makeup brushes and sponges, but I still use my fingers to blend my shadow most of the time. […]

Toddler TV Trouble

This morning my 3 year old son begged to watch a TV show on the Discovery Family network. This particular show is called Dinosaurs: The Untold Story. It has simulated […]

Beating Bulimia

Disclaimer: Not an easy subject matter and could trigger some individuals. The last few days have been rough. I don’t know what to write about because my head is groggy […]