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Finding Followers

Rather than showcase a featured blogger for #followfriday, I wanted to talk about finding followers. Recently, I’ve gotten a few comments and dm’s asking how I’ve grown my following in […]

Coffee Talks: Workout Apps

My health journey just keeps on trucking along. Now that I’m a brand ambassador for Just Strong, I don’t feel as awkward sharing my fitness journey. I am by no […]

Curls Undone

So, I’ve been on somewhat of a curly hair journey since my hysterectomy. I’ve done a handful of posts about my hair and products that are curly girl method approved. […]

Follow Friday Featured Blogger

Hey again, darlings! Today’s featured blogger is a woman I’ve admired since the first day I discovered her blog. She runs Busy Bee Mommy Diaries and is a very real, […]

Just Call Me A Sellout

As a blogger, I saw something on Instagram that upset me about the blogosphere. I saw a hateful comment on a sponsored post of mom blogger that I follow. The […]

Coffee Talks: House Shaming

About a year and a half ago, we bought our first home. I will admit that it was a long, grueling process, but we were so proud of ourselves. Right […]

Follow Friday Featured Blogger

Today, I want to feature an incredible young women who can be a big inspiration to others. Her name is Caysey, and she runs a lovely, multifaceted blog named after […]

Not Skinny by Design

This post is a long time coming. I’ve written about my eating disorder history a handful of times already. I’ve also written a lot about how I’m on a journey […]

Follow Friday Featured Blogger

Hey everyone! This is the first post in my new series where I feature bloggers that I think other people should check out. I love supporting other bloggers, and I […]

Hair Hustle: CG Journey Continues

I’ve been on my curly girl journey for a few months. I can’t really give a specific date. I started having curls pop up after a major surgery in August. […]

Coffee Talks: What’s Up Next

My break was wonderful. I needed it more than I initially realized. I’ve been very stressed out lately, and even though I’m a pretty anxious person, I was letting it […]

Taking That Break

So I’ve talked about breaks and self care a lot lately, so as much as I’m on the fence about everything, it’s time to take my own advice. I’ve really […]

Second Shift Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s one of my favorite holidays. I’ve done a few posts about good old love day in the past. I’ve also highlighted other bloggers’ Valentine’s posts. You […]

Supporting CBD

I want to start by saying that I was very against anything even remotely related to marijuana growing up. I heard stories of how it could help cancer patients and […]


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