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Category: Motherhood

Coffee Talks: From SAHM to WAHM

Being a mom is and will always be my favorite job first and foremost. I decided to be a stay-at-home mom the moment we found out about our son. I […]

Coffee Talks: Layoffs Not Letdowns

A few weeks ago, my husband’s company asked employees to volunteer for a temporary layoff for a 6 week slow period. It’ll take that long to process their orders and […]

Day Trip: Lake Tobias Wildlife Park

For my son’s 4th birthday, we decided to take a day trip to Lake Tobias. We live in Southern Pennsylvania, so it wasn’t too big of a trip to accomplish […]

Birthdays, Books, and Being Busy

June is an incredibly busy and overwhelming month at our house. The 11th is my son’s 4th birthday. The 16th is Father’s Day and the 17th is my husband’s birthday. […]

Mom of the Group

Growing up, I watched my mother play the role of mom to every person to ever cross our doorway. Whether they were a friend to me or my brother, a […]

Coffee Talks: Time to Listen

It feels like it was just last week when I took my mini break from blogging, but it’s actually been a month or two. I don’t want to take another […]

Mother’s Day: The Little Things

I always read gift guides and holiday posts about ideas for celebrating and all that jazz. I love checking out what people want or recommend, but when it comes to […]

Coffee Talks: Home Remedies

So, I’m a big weirdo and will spend too much time on Pinterest reading about home remedies for anything you can think of. I’ve tried more of these “remedies” than […]

Working Out With Toddlers

Since I’ve been on this journey, my kiddos have learned a few exercises and turned working out into play. It’s been so fun and rewarding sharing this journey with them, […]

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