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Toddler TV Trouble

This morning my 3 year old son begged to watch a TV show on the Discovery Family network. This particular show is called Dinosaurs: The Untold Story. It has simulated dinosaurs and their interactions with each other. There are historians and other experts weighing in on how they lived during the jurassic era. Even though …

Beauty Motherhood

Toddler Hair Trouble

When I was growing up, I barely brushed my hair. I was either climbing a tree or playing a sport. I hated anything to be done to my hair other than a braid or ponytail. The only success my mother or grandmother had was during picture day or Sunday morning for church, and that was …


Meaner as a Mom

In my family, I’ve never had an issue calling my family out on their drama. I’m also the sarcastic joke cracker. I try to lighten the mood in awkward situations. My family is always emotional about something, and I’m not a huge fan of out pouring emotion when I’m trying to feed my toddler picnic …