Eat the Damn Muffin is now available on Amazon.

This book gives you tips and advice on how to find confidence for every body. It talks about my journey with eating disorders, and what helped me during my recovery process.

This book also shares ways to sip on some positivity in your life and how you can dump the negativity down the drain.

Eat the Damn Muffin is all about self-love, why you need it, and how to grow it.

This isn’t your typical self-help book. This is about the journey to find self-love and learning to embrace your body and who you are. It’s time to say that it’s okay to love your body at any size. It’s time to realize that confidence is for every body, and self-love isn’t an exclusive club. We all deserve to know and feel that we are beautiful. The time for fad diets, restrictive eating, and body shaming are over. It’s time to shout that it’s okay to eat the damn muffin, because you’ll still be beautiful tomorrow.